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Rachel Cogar Yeakley


Uncover the Power of Purpose

I truly believe that business is the ultimate medium to change the world.

It’s why I do what I do, and it’s why I founded an entire brand and way of being around helping passionate, purpose-driven leaders accelerate their profit.”
-Rachel Cogar Yeakley

I built my reputation as a corporate consultant, where I routinely helped organizations do the work they needed to do in order to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, I deliver my profit-driven, C-Suite processes to CEOs, entrepreneurs, emerging industry leaders, and organizations that are dialed into their purpose and are seeking to scale to the next level of profitability.

Most importantly, I believe in doing all that with ease.

I definitely didn't get here overnight though. In fact, quite the opposite...

In fact, there was a very real time in my business when I was making huge amounts of money, while also feeling burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. It seemed like if I took a minute to breathe - or took any time off to be with my family or enjoy a hobby - the sky might actually fall.

Ease? Ha! I would have settled for “feels less like a heart attack waiting to happen”.

As my physical health deteriorated and I realized my ability to be present for myself, my family, and my one and only life was not what I wanted it to be, I knew something had to change.

It took a few brave decisions to unlearn some of the toxic business habits we see from the gurus for me to realize that not only is there a better way, but scaling businesses can be easy, a ton of fun, and enormously impactful and rewarding.

The kind of business that matters to me is the kind of business that allows me to impact the world and create a legacy.

The kind of business deeply rooted in both purpose and passion, where I can bring my full self, be truly authentic, and ALSO create profits and scale my businesses.

It’s time to GET REAL and get to the heart of the matter.

Accelerate your business growth, expand your impact, and live your legacy.

“They” love to say we don't want it badly enough.

It's a well-known refrain (repeated constantly by well-known entrepreneurs on social media), that if we're not hustling enough for leads and sales, or if we’re not reading three books a week, or if we're not high-pressure closing on sales calls...then we don’t want it enough.

Even Mark Cuban - an entrepreneur I look up to - said,

“Work like someone else is working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.”


All this "hustle porn" pushes you to work harder, work more, do more….and then when you do, it feels like you’re still not good enough, no matter how many new sales or leads you generate.

The real problem is almost always that we’re not super clear about who we are, what we believe, and how to communicate with passion in a way that evokes action from our buyers.

Many times when I see businesses stuck in these cycles of burnout, frustration, and trying to force it, the answer is to UN-learn and shrug off corporate expectations about how to run their business.

Here are three things you won’t learn on my LinkedIn profile!

1. I LOVE to travel

I have been traveling the world since I got the chance to study communications in Bangkok, Thailand when I was 15.

Because of my ongoing travels, I have amazing friends all over the globe, and I believe we are all connected beings on this planet.

I deeply enjoy studying other cultures, languages, literature, the arts, and ways of life, and I especially love learning about the spiritual belief systems others hold. I know we’re all part of the same collective consciousness.

2. I am rebellious

I question everything. And if someone tells me I can't, I usually do. I seem to have a natural inclination to buck the system!

Several years ago I instituted a no-jerk policy; I refuse to work with jerks! And I donated all my suits because, frankly, I love fashion, and jeans and cute shoes are more my thing.

If someone doesn’t want to work with me because I wear jeans to meetings, they’re probably not a good fit as a client! (The same rational was behind the blue streak I put in my hair a few years ago LOL).

3. I am an introvert who will do anything for you - except have coffee. ;-)

I resonate so deeply with what Glennon Doyle said, “I am a sensitive, introverted woman, which means that I love humanity but actual human beings are tricky for me. I love people but not in person. For example, I would die for you but not, you for coffee.”

I have so much love for the world, including my family, my clients, and people I’ve never met. I work everyday to do my part to make a difference, and inspire others to join in. But meetings are stressful for me. I’d rather poke my eyeball out with a plastic fork than have upcoming meetings on my calendar. ;-) I love you, deeply!

If you came here to find a professional bio, I’ve got your back! Here’s the formal response to “Who is Rachel Cogar Yeakley?”

For 20+ years, I’ve helped founders discover their stories, accelerate business growth, launch new products, build purpose and impact into their business models, and position for M&As. I built my reputation in the business world as a global corporate consultant, and have routinely helped organizations make hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Along the way, I’ve been a:

  • Multi-time Gold Winner of Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards
  • Marketing Impact Leader
  • Top 50 Entrepreneur
  • Spokesperson for HubSpot
  • HubSpot Certified Partner
  • International Public Speaker

Now, I’m passionate about delivering my profit-driven, C-Suite processes to CEOs, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and organizations that are seeking to scale to the next level of profitability via courses, sales training, and corporate consulting. I partner with businesses and entrepreneurs to empower them to scale sustainably, multiply their bottom line, and make big things happen with fun and ease.