Innovation Begins Inside

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Dec 30 2017

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It starts within.

Innovation. It’s one of the most important tools any business can own, yet it’s one of the most difficult to obtain. It isn’t a program you can purchase or a plan you can put into motion. No, it’s a gift that comes from talented individuals, who hold a different view of the world and put that unique perspective into action in the form of a solution.

Take Bernice Dapaah for instance. She is the Founder of the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative. That’s a title she earned through hard work, determination and resilience. She dedicated herself to bringing an idea to life and standing by it every step of the way. Her goal was to utilize materials that already occurred naturally around her village and transform them into a solution for the transportation needs of her friends and neighbors.

When giving back is taken seriously

Of course, as an innovator, she didn’t stop there. Not only do her bikes meet a growing demand, they also help raise the community as a whole. She’s educating and employing members of the community to help create the bikes; her team is planting 10 bamboo trees for every 1 harvested; and she’s donating bikes to local school children to help them travel to school.

Disruption is not an easy ride

But, as Bernice continues her role as a disruptor within the transportation industry, it’s important to note that her first prototype was a failure. Yet, she carried on. That’s a key distinction to make when determining if someone is truly an innovator.

Generating an innovative product, idea or methodology takes an unyielding determination. There’s no guarantee your first attempt will be a success, nor your second, third or fourth. Those who eventually find success are the ones who never allow themselves to be defined by their failures. They see each and every difficulty as another opportunity to grow and better understand who they are and what they want to accomplish.

Bernice is a true innovator, and her product is helping thousands of people around the world. But, it all began in her community. That’s what made her successful in the end. Her idea came from the heart and from an understanding of a situation that no one else possessed. To put it simply: begin with what you know.

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