Educating and Nurturing Employees Impacts Company Performance

1 min read
Dec 30 2017

Companies with high expectations for business growth, innovation and revenue performance face obstacles they must overcome in order to see accelerated success.  Whether it’s customer satisfaction, product innovation, quality or building strong leadership within, the leadership teams need to be able to quickly identify the rocks prohibiting progress, and either remove them, or figure out how to lead their team around them.

It’s Easy to See the Problems

From an executive’s seat, it’s easy to look out over the company and see the breakdowns. It can be painfully obvious – at the executive level – that your sales process needs to be rebooted or that your product innovation seems stale compared to competitors. But how we, as leaders, manage ourselves in these situations has a greater impact on how our team rises to the occasion.

Stress Inhibits Success

Managing through fear or overwhelm generates stress – which impairs our brain’s ability to channel creative solutions to solving our issues. Further, our stress state, whether we intend to or not, transfers to our teams and literally changes the quality of their ideas, their work, their motivation, and their loyalty.

Education and Nurture Impact the Bottom Line

If we wish to lead our company “around the rocks,” it’s critical to be mindful of our own state of mind first – and persist in remaining positive. Begin by embracing a nurturing mindset.

Dr. Sunnie Giles from Quantum Leadership Group describes the process of nurturing our teams as one of the most important leadership competencies of great leaders around the world. According to her article, when teams are nurtured and educated regularly, they feel a sense of gratitude and become more loyal. This investment creates an emotional connection between the employees and the company, and further engages your employees to show the same commitment to company growth that you have.  When you nurture and educate your team, they are inspired to reciprocate – and the way they show you they care is by expressing their loyalty and going the extra mile for you and the company.

Identify the rocks holding your team back from that high performance breakthrough – and nurture your team around them. It’s an investment into the company that pays infinite dividends.