A Simple Client Delight Strategy That Moves Mountains

2 min read
Dec 30 2017

We have a mantra that we apply to all our client and prospect communications:

Always bring positive energy to the table.

No matter what.

This doesn’t just mean to have a positive attitude. Internally, we talk about what it means to bring good energy. It means we take time and get focused prior to a meeting. We get clear and hone in on that one conversation. We bring attention, good body language, and a positive mindset. We are prepared, and we know the status of everything to be discussed. We show up — physically, emotionally, intellectually. We are prepared to bring new ideas and solutions and to take those burdens off our clients. During that meeting, our client is the only person who matters.

Marianne Williamson says,

"Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful."

We believe this.

Do You Attract or Detract?

The energy you bring to those you do business with can either attract or detract. And when you dwell on the negative, you attract negative, which drains your energy and depletes your momentum. The crazy part is…we say things and do things every single day that are negative or laced in negative energy, and we often don’t realize we are doing it.

I’m Glad it’s Friday

As an example, I got a phone call from a media vendor – who, before even letting me know what company she was with, told me in an exasperated tone that she is glad it’s Friday! As a prospect that she presumably wants to do business with, I was put off by the negative energy she brought to the call and the informal tone she used to kick off the conversation.

If a sales person wants my time and attention, or a spot on my calendar – he or she is going to have to be relational, not transactional. Be able to help me solve problems I can’t solve on my own. Add value by being a collaborative partner in MY success goals, rather than being a peddler of THEIR products.

This particular radio and tv account executive may have been able to do those things for me, with me. But we won’t get to find out because she blew it before she uttered her first word on the phone. I could sense the energy she brought to the call. And as soon as she spoke, my brain — which was already reeling in a million directions because she had interrupted me with an unplanned phone call — absorbed her feelings of “overwhelm” and immediately shut down.

“I’m glad it’s Friday” is innocent enough. Or is it? How many of us say that? I would challenge us to be cautious and to evaluate the phrases and tone we use and to be mindful of the energy with which we show up!

Bring Good Energy

The brain craves good news. It craves fun. It craves resolution. It craves “all is good in the world.” It craves calm and clear. When you can deliver that to your prospects and clients, you bring something unique to the table. The energy you bring to the world matters. And the energy you bring to a sales call can make all the difference as to whether you earn that next meeting.