Find Me Where the Wild Things Are

2 min read
Dec 30 2017

Starting, running, growing, and selling a business is a wild adventure. It’s not for the weak. It’s not for those who give up easily. It’s not for those who are afraid to get their hands dirty or their heart broken. It’s not for those who want easy.

It’s for those who want to live life with a lot of FEELS. Because sometimes we FEEL great. Sometimes we feel confident. Sometimes we feel passionate – sometimes we feel like we can conquer the world.

But sometimes we also feel tired. And taken advantage of. And hurt. And exhausted. And like we suck. And like we’re worthless and our ideas are dumb.

It’s fun and wild – like driving fast with the windows down, and eating ice cream for dinner. Ok, maybe more like jumping off a cliff and hoping we grow wings before we hit the ground.

It’s exhilarating, in a polar sort of way.

This club we’re part of – we’re the only ones who understand this. I think the gods of the universe hand-picked us because they know something we don’t. They know how real and raw this entrepreneur life can be. And they know our souls were destined to make an impact and be part of something much, much bigger than ourselves.

That’s why we do this.

At the end of the day, when the stars shine down on us and all the world rests, the blood is still pumping through our veins at the very thought of the difference we are making in this world, and nothing, not our risks, discomforts, annoyances, or even painful moments are enough to make us hang our hats and call it a day!

That’s what drives us.

We’re the wild crazies who change the world!

If you’ve ever heard Rachel speak or worked directly with her, you know how valuable it could be to get inside her brain and learn how to grow your business from a rockstar.  

Rachel has been called on to train marketing agencies and teams across the globe on “all things” related to business growth  – from software to strategy to how to close six-figure deals. She’s spoken on international stages about her successes. She’s currently facilitating an engaged community of  women entrepreneurs on Facebook where she supports powerful women who are designing and building a sustainable business+lifestyle!  Click here for details!